Sunday, January 3, 2010

'WHY'... nuff said.

I was recently pondering what I would do when my "ship" comes in, and I thought... maybe I'll join the ranks of Sir Richard Branson, Mel Gibson, and David Copperfield. 'WHY', you ask? It's what they all have in common... they're all "caked up (BIG money!)," and they all own islands. Then I thought, 'WHY'? ...I'm a leader not a follower. So, I guess you're wondering what would/will I do when my ship makes it's way in? Well, anyone who really knows me would say it probably would have something to do with water because of my passionate love affair with all things aquatic. Now, if you're asking 'WHY...' I would have to say it's the Piscean in me! Whether it's fishing, boating, or an exotic beach getaway, I'm good! Wait... I think I have it. First of all, I wouldn't ask 'WHY,' I would simply acquire, 'WHY.' Confused? See below...

Still confused? 'WHY' not click 'WHY'


  1. Now this is how you do the dang thang!!!

  2. Have you ever considered renting out a warehouse, talking to some local designers, I know you know how to decorate and light, casting some models and holding a fashion show during fashion week in DC? You have a wealth of information and style (you need to meet my husband, his style is impeccable). I think it's time for this thing to go viral.

    Just thoughts,

  3. It's been in the head for a minute "Ceemac," but you have pushed me over the cliff!!! Stay tuned!