Thursday, January 21, 2010

Fall Fashion: Legends of the fall Part 2

It was the party of parties that evening in the back of the limousine.  The girls blew kisses and threw up champaign salutes as they cruised by the White House, but more than likely President Obama and Michelle were counting sheep.  Everyone was having a ball except Aniyah, and it was her bachelorette party.
According to legend, it was supposed to be the happiest time of her life, but somehow... someway... her mute button had been pressed. She was oblivious to Lenny Kravitz's American Woman as it blazed from the speakers.   Champaign bottles and hair brushes were transformed into microphones as the other girls performed, but from Aniyah's pov there was absolute silence.
She then turned her attention out the window as the towering Washington Monument loomed over head. The party was still going full blast.  One of the others noticed Aniyah's reflection gazing out into the distance as they drove along the Potomac River waterfront. Then, without notice... Aniyah leaned forward and asked the driver to start the song over as she withdrew the hair clip and shook her pin-up lose.
Aniyah stood, her long slender frame rising through the sunroof opening as American Woman played again, but this time something was different. It felt like a music video as her swagger meter quickly flew off the chart. The driver stole glances from his rear view mirror as Aniyah's hips thrust to the beat.  She threw her head back flinging her hair as she mouthed the words of the song.
Her liberation was clearly evident as the her silky hair, possessed by the cool autumn breeze, reached out to wards the moonlit Potomac. That's when it happend... Aniyah dipped from the sunroof, 'stop the car', she exclaimed. The girls were perplexed as the stretch limo screeched to a halt.  Yearning to know, they studied Aniyah intently as she yelled commands while peering through the window.
The car leaped backwards as the driver threw the gear into reverse and slammed the pedal.  Fear snatched the other girls to attention as they watched in bewilderment as the car barreled down the road in reverse.  'Here!' Aniyah shouted as the car slid still.  She climbed from the car and stepped into the darkness.  The girls all assumed the position... their necks craned as they all looked over their shoulders... all eyes wide and trained on Aniyah's every move... and their mouths gapped wider than a 1980's, 14th street hooker's legs.
Aniyah was a picture of defiance as she approached the stranger's silhouette.  He sat on a vintage suitcase, etched ever so slightly by the faint ambient light spilling from the Kennedy Center. His fragrance was familiar, a time forlorn... it was the essence of summer, as prescribed by Prada's Infusion D'Homme. His frayed jeans told a story as he stood from the weathered suitcase, but Aniyah wanted the CliffsNotes as she studied the way his cashmere cardigan framed his broad shoulders.
From the car, the girls were captivated, the only thing missing was the popcorn.  They gasped as Aniyah moved closer, her hand now gently tracing the protruding tendons of his neck, and then coming to rest on his shoulders.  Her fingertips smiling as they mingled with the cardigan's 12 gauge cashmere.
The girls quickly turn and pretend not to be watching as Aniyah holds his hand while leading him to the limo.  'Hey you guys, this is Silas.'  He gave a nod as he climbed into the car. It was the kind of gesture served up by southern gentlemen as they drove by the locals sitting on their porches in the height of summer.
As the limo pulls off into the night, we see the girls standing on the side of the road.  Inside, Aniyah is now wrapped in Silas's embrace as she wears the cozy cashmere cardigan.  She is alive again as Silas tells her his story. The limo vanishes into the darkness under a canopy of stars.

Written by Michael Joyner
How To Wear The Cashmere Cardigan:
  • Try a gingham shirt and bow-tie, grey flannel trousers, and suede chukka boots
  • A light weight flannel shirt with Selvedge denim jeans, and suede lace ups
  • Layer under a wool blazer with a white shirt, and a pair of chelsea boots
(Note: This is a repost from an article I wrote for the Examiner)

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