Tuesday, January 5, 2010

"Gilt" free...

As a self-professed clothes-horse, style junky, swag-mag, shopaholic, and the list goes on... I am constantly on covert missions to seek and acquire the next item to continue expanding upon my vast style arsenal. I have spent countless hours searching out what speaks to my aesthetic, and it's classic, trendy (rarely), vintage, modern, custom, thrifty, conservative, and sometime high-fashion. Ultimately, it depends on what I'm feeling that day, or what's on the schedule. As a result, I have developed a wealth of resources that I can scour on any given day. Back in the day, I was always looking over my shoulder wary of the lurking 'swagger-jackers' (one who seeks to hi-jack the style of another), but as the DC Men's Style Examiner, it is now a privilege and an honor to expose my readership to new style choices.

So, today... for those of you who like to walk around your domain sans clothing, but get the itch to shop; what if I told you there was a go-to source to purchase designer clothing (men's women's & kids), jewelry, and home furnishings at up to 70 percent below retail, that you could access 24 hours a day from the comfort of your own home? Well, it's here and it's go by the moniker, Gilt. The name is a bit ironic because the great prices rarely cause me to feel any guilt. If you click on the link below, you will be treated to a shopping experience not to be forgotten, and it's exclusive because you have to be invited in-order to partake. So, click on the link and shop until your hearts content., but just be aware that there is limited stock, so you've got to move fast when something strikes your fancy! Enjoy!

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