Sunday, January 31, 2010

Halle may want to seek a new ending...

It seems Halle Berry may need to do some reshooting in her forthcoming pic, 'Who Is Doris Payne?' Berry stars as Doris Payne, an unassuming career criminal who spent in excess of five decades as a globetrotting jewel thief.

The now 79 year-old Doris Payne has pleaded not guilty to trying to steal a $1,300 Burberry trench coat from a Costa Mesa Saks Fifth Avenue store last Friday according to authorities. Sources say Payne 'popped' the tags from the trench, and kept it moving right past the cash register.

Payne grew up in Slab Fork, West Virginia, and says she was influenced by the heroines in 'Gone With The Wind', who she would imitate for a lifetime. Payne told the La Times that, "I think that movie contributed as much to what I became as anything else in my life." 

Her shenanigans began in Cleveland, Ohio where she spent her teenage years, going on to graduate to a career where she posed as a wealthy socialite to steal expensive jewelry from shops in Las Vegas, New York, California, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany and Tokyo to name a few. It is reported that Payne had in excess of 22 aliases.

Payne said she knew how to dress, and always looked the part, stating that it was important to look like she belonged there. The rest was slight of hand as she would review a number of jewels at once before zeroing in on her target. Payne would then distract the clerk and make off with the goods.

At the time of the arrest, Payne was on parole for a prior offense in 2008, so she's now being held without bail. This story gives new meaning to being a 'slave to fashion.'

No word yet on when the movie is scheduled for release, but reworking the ending, or thinking about a sequel might not be a bad idea because I don't think we've seen the last of Ms. Payne! After all... life is good, but living is better!

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