Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Beginning...

Today marks the FIRST of yet another year. This one feels special... kinda like an awakening of sorts. It is my desire to create & manifest the visions bestowed on me by, God. I will make it a point to "grind" like never before as I set out on this creative journey. Those of you who chose to be among the FIRST to board this movement will be treated to divine inspiration that is immersed in: culture, cinema, romance, fashion, art, music, literature, interior design, and all things that perpetuate a quantified lifestyle of distinction. I will seek to offer access to my world, and the beauty thereof. I only ask that your share it with others, and let me know your thoughts because you are an integral part of the inspiration... so please make it a point to leave comments.

So it is here that the road commences to a destination that is, FIRST STREET STYLE. Enjoy the ride!
Peace & God bless...

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