Friday, January 1, 2010

Legends of The Fall: Pt. 1

There at a red light he sat in a virtual daze entranced by the rhythmic pulse of the left turn signal of his 4 day old Aston Martin One - 77. It was a crisp sunny day as the lingering cool of autumn hung in the balance. Leaves sporadically descended from the heavens with a melodic grace, punctuating the arrival of fall. But it was this one leaf that was the catalyst of intrigue as it fell from the sky and fluttered across the gleaming platinum hood.
He lowers his shades, gazing intently at the tumbling leaf for what seemed like an eternity. That's when a symphony of horns erupted, appearing to prompt the man as he emerged from his car. Impeccably dressed, he methodically crossed the intersection as the golden sun kissed his chalk striped suit... but why was he barefoot?
The bar of the sidewalk café was virtually empty with the exception of the local barfly who was once the featured act at the legendary Howard Theater. A few seats over on her normal perch sat the real estate executive with the butt that made the bartender drop a bottle every time she got off her stool. Our guy makes his way to the end of the bar and sits next to the only other patron, a gentleman hunched over a laptop as he reads the DC Men's Style Examiner's column. The computer guy nurses a gin & tonic as he momentarily looks away from the screen to notice our guy's bare feet.
Methodically, our guy reaches into the pocket of his jacket as his eyes scan the length of the computer guy's khakis. He then withdraws a small packet of fine powder from his pocket as his eyes park on the computer guys coffee brown suede lace ups... his pupils dilate for a beat. Then with cat like quickness, he slips the substance into the computer guy's drink.
Moments later, the real estate executive stands to leave, and the bartender peers at the slow, hypnotic shift of her hips as the $100 dollar bottle of vodka slips from his chubby fingers, and crashes to the floor. Then, as if on cue, the computer guy slumps over into the computer screen, and then falls to the floor with a thud.
Our guy exits the bar amongst the chaos with a new found swagger. We are up close and personal as as he puts on his shades and strolls down the U street corridor. We tilt down the length of his stylish frame, following every step and come to rest of the coffee brown suede lace ups, which complete his signature style.
Meanwhile, in the bar, the computer guy is sprawled out on the floor barefoot as the scene fades to black.
How To Wear It:
On early fall days before it gets too chilly out, these suede lace ups will look very chic sans socks, so be sure to pick up a pair. A few vendors to consider are Salvatore Ferragamo, Cole Haan, or Kenneth Cole. Click on the links below for more in the Legends Of The Fall Series.
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