Sunday, January 31, 2010

Cop these ladies... Chloe sunglasses

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Born today (1919)


Born today (1869)


Why should I need an artist to explain a work of art to me? Why should it not speak out to me itself?

                                                                                                               -  Gandhi                                 

Born today (1981)


Born today (1925)


Born today (1923)


Lost today (1974)


Halle may want to seek a new ending...

It seems Halle Berry may need to do some reshooting in her forthcoming pic, 'Who Is Doris Payne?' Berry stars as Doris Payne, an unassuming career criminal who spent in excess of five decades as a globetrotting jewel thief.

The now 79 year-old Doris Payne has pleaded not guilty to trying to steal a $1,300 Burberry trench coat from a Costa Mesa Saks Fifth Avenue store last Friday according to authorities. Sources say Payne 'popped' the tags from the trench, and kept it moving right past the cash register.

Payne grew up in Slab Fork, West Virginia, and says she was influenced by the heroines in 'Gone With The Wind', who she would imitate for a lifetime. Payne told the La Times that, "I think that movie contributed as much to what I became as anything else in my life." 

Her shenanigans began in Cleveland, Ohio where she spent her teenage years, going on to graduate to a career where she posed as a wealthy socialite to steal expensive jewelry from shops in Las Vegas, New York, California, Paris, Monte Carlo, Germany and Tokyo to name a few. It is reported that Payne had in excess of 22 aliases.

Payne said she knew how to dress, and always looked the part, stating that it was important to look like she belonged there. The rest was slight of hand as she would review a number of jewels at once before zeroing in on her target. Payne would then distract the clerk and make off with the goods.

At the time of the arrest, Payne was on parole for a prior offense in 2008, so she's now being held without bail. This story gives new meaning to being a 'slave to fashion.'

No word yet on when the movie is scheduled for release, but reworking the ending, or thinking about a sequel might not be a bad idea because I don't think we've seen the last of Ms. Payne! After all... life is good, but living is better!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Farewell Mr. Simpson...


Donnie Simpson, a Washington, DC institution, has signed off the airwaves after a 32 year stint as the voice of millions. Simpson is calling it quits after contract negotiations with CBS radio stalled.

Simpson will have 13 1/2 months to plan his next move due to a non-compete clause in his CBS contract. Simpson is mum about his next move, but says that he's not done and that he's excited about what God has in store.

I had the pleasure of working alongside Donnie during my tenure at Black Entertainment Television, and he was always a class act while serving as the host of BET's flagship, Video Soul.  

Donny, thanks for all the years, and we're all looking forward to the next chapter!

Born today (1928)


Born today (1930)


Life is good, but living is better!

Ladies, imagine this... after a long day at the office it's finally quitting time. You get in the car  and back up what your momma gave you into the arms of your plush leather seats.  Ever so gently the seat cradles you, soothing your body... this will have to do for now. You were killing 'em in the office today, but now your feet are hurting, and the Christian Louboutins are coming off...

As you pull form the garage and cruise down the boulevard, you turn on the radio and Robin Thicke sings this...

Your mind begins to entertain... Sex Therapy, oh how good it would be? That's when-- SCREEEEECH! Your car skids to a halt... a little boy dashes into the street in pursuit of his basketball. You stop just in time as you sit there with your heart pounding feverishly.  Now it seems that all of the tension of the day has come rushing back on you.

Home at last... you slide your key into the lock, turning the key feels like a chore. Suddenly, you push the door open, and you stop dead in your tracks-- suspended animation as your jaw drops and your hands go limp... then your Louboutins slide from your fingers crashing to the Brazilian Cherry wood floor.

A trail of red rose petals lead you into your sumptuous marble bathroom where you're greeted by the warm glow emanating from an array of candles that huddle around your oversized tub. As you look around, you notice the mirror wearing a thin coating of steam with a lipstick inscription that reads, 'welcome home my love-- take off all your clothes and indulge, I'll be there shortly.' Your womanly instincts are now shot to hell as anticipation takes over. You undo the belt to your cashmere Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress that caresses your body.

In the tub, it feels ravishing as the heat begins to penetrate your tension. As you close your eyes and sink into the heavenly warmth, entreating yourself to the light touch of lavender that wafts through the air, his strong hands enter... gently exploring your beckoning body. Slowly you open your eyes, watching the ripples in the water usher the tension from your body. He then takes a loofah sponge and dips it into the water, filling the sponge with the warm liquid. Gently, he squeezes... the refreshing cascade of wetness explores your body; the sponge follows as he attentively bathes you from head to toe. You wanna keep it right there right? Sorry, there's more on the menu...

Next, he takes your hand and leads you from the tub as the water reluctantly releases your angelic body. He then turns you around... your ass facing him, and your body begins to shiver slightly. Then he envelopes you with the warmth of a plush Egyptian cotton towel fresh from the warmer... ahhhhh!

He escorts you into the bedroom, and says 'put this on, we're going out.' There on the bed is a box, and inside you find this...

It's the SLVR Scarf Jacket from Adidas... that's right Adidas! The billowy top is crafted in 51% wool and 49% acrylic, and features a drawcord for an adjustable waist. This ladies is my new feature I call, 'Saturday Steal', here you will find pieces at great prices that are worthy of the First Street seal of approval.

Now ladies, when I saw this it inspired the scenario above, so imagine if he sees you with it on? Now if there is no 'he', then put it on anyway... maybe I'll see you! Remember is good, living is better!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cowboys... back like they never left!

One of my favorite pastimes has always been horseback riding. I have ridden in Riverside, California under a canopy of stars, sans lighting (with the exception of the silver glow of watchful moonlight). Then there was the mountainous region on the San Francisco/ Oakland border, which was simply breathtaking. However, neither of these experiences compare to the times when my boys Tony and Carlton and I would drive out to Clinton, Maryland and select horses and ride like we were modern day cowboys. We still debate who stood tallest in the saddle.

Evidently, I'm not the only one who likes the cowboys (God help my Dallas Cowboys!)... it seems fashion designer Adam Kimmel has looked to the wild, wild west to inspire his S/S collection. A recent editorial in 'Arena Homme' Magazine featuring the 'The Black Cowboys Of New York' showcases a few of the collection's offerings...

Click here for more photos.

To my lovely ladies... I got you too!!!

Gilt Group is your passport to 'invitation-only' luxury shopping at it's finest! The sales include top tier designers and you never know who's going to be on sale so you've got to stop through. Sales start promptly at 12pm est. daily, so sign up here for the shopping experience of your life.  I promise you you'll almost feel like you're stealing!

'Finally a way to get the stacked-ring look without spending a king’s ransom, thanks to the genius of Kevia Jewelry’s gold-plated bronze. From filigree drop earrings to hand-pounded cuffs, these costume pieces will leave people thinking that you must have the Midas touch.'

Ladies, just throw it in the bag (or should I say cart)! 'The late, great Bill Blass founded his company in 1970 and famously designed clothes that could transition effortlessly from office to evening. Today, the brand remains one of the most iconic names in the world of American fashion. From elegant suits to modern, versatile accessories, the Bill Blass name is a special blend of sporty and sleek.'

This is an invitational only web sale starting tomorrow at 12pm est., so register now, here...

Gilt Free luxury shopping!!!

For all you fashionistas out there who are experiencing withdrawls because you can't shop like you use to because of the sluggish economy... relief is here. I have shared with you about merits of the Gilt Group, so don't sleep on this. I owe a big shout out to Gilt for a number of quality additions to my wardrobe, and mind you-- I'm talking up to 70% off on top tier designer goods.

Note: For the fashionably late-- the sale starts promptly at 12:00pm est, and it's first come first served, so be there or... you know what it is!!! The deals can't be beat, but don't take my word for it... take a look below for a sample of tomorrows sales...

'Lads should stock up on the leather loafers by Ted Baker – available in buckled, pebble-grain and moccasin-toe styles. But that’s not all this hip Brit has to offer: Complete your shoe-rack overhaul with his wingtip oxfords, rugged ankle boots and casual canvas sneakers.'

Jack Spade proves that grown-up travel doesn’t have to be boring. Fill a travel wallet with cash and tickets, stash everything else in a tarpaulin tote and dress for international intrigue in a silk tie that says, “Adventure, business-
class style.”

'If you’re looking for sophisticated menswear, these luxurious British threads from Dunhill will suit. Dress to impress in a wool-cashmere, double-breasted or pinstripe suit. This venerable brand still holds on to its sense of humor with whimsical silver accessories like a poker-chip key fob, sidecar cufflinks and a bulldog pen holder.'

'A traditional wristwatch has no place in a modern wardrobe. Nooka has developed a completely different way to tell time – a linear, graphic representation of time on a digital interface. These watches, which look like a cross between digi-tech ’80s design and athletic gear, come in a variety of colors: black, white, army green, orange, light blue and camouflage. Any one of them is the ultimate conversation piece.'

This is an invitational only web sale starting tomorrow at 12pm est., so register now, here...

Lost today (1976)


Lost today (1973)

Born today (1944)

Born today (1958)

Born today (1925)


Saturday, January 23, 2010

Lost today (2004)



Famed fashion photographer Helmut Newton, known primarily for his nude studies of women, was killed in a car accident when his car hit a wall in the driveway of the famous Chateau Marmont Hotel. The hotel on Sunset Boulevard served as a residence for Newton when he wasn't in Monte carlo.

I am a proud owner of SUMO, one of his last works before he passed, which is a great source of inspiration for me to this day. The behemoth book weighs in at over 35 kilos, providing the reader with images worthy of a private showing. Published in a limited edition of 10,000 signed and numbered copies, SUMO sold out soon after publication and has multiplied in value. The book is a fixture in many important private collections around the world, including New York's Museum of Modern Art. See below...


SUMO cover.


SUMO on stand.


Lost today (2005)



Charles Burnett to helm documentary on Barack Obama's mother


Dunham and a young Obama.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, President Obama's mother will be featured in the documentary, 'Stanley Ann Dunham: A Most Generous Spirit.' The film will focus on Dunham raising Obama in Indonesia and Hawaii, and her contributions to female entrepreneurs in Third World countries.

Executive producer Mary Aloe of Aloe Entertainment says Dunham infused our current president with backbone and compassion.

At the helm of the project will be esteemed director, Charles Burnett, who happens to be a mentor and friend of mine. Burnett is a MacArthur Genius Award recipient, and most recently a United States Artists Fellow Award winner. His first feature film, Killer Of Sheep (1977), shot while he was a graduate student at UCLA, was selected by the Library of Congress for preservation in the United States National FIlm Registry in 1990. Films in the registry are chosen for being culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant.

Burnett most often works outside the Hollywood system, but To Sleep With Anger, which starred Danny Glover, was his most highly-profiled release. I stayed in California with Charles during the production of the movie and worked on it as a grip early in my film career about 17 years ago.




The documentary is scheduled to begin shooting this year in Indonesia, Hawaii, and Washington. Producers are currently working to secure President Obama's participation.


Gil Scott-Heron dances with the devil...


Gil Scott-Heron is a poet, musician, and author who has always had his finger on the pulse of of social and political issues that have plagued the inner-city, and society at large. Heron's haunting, and often autobiographical lyrics have spawned countless cult classics including 'The Revolution Will Not Be Televised.'

Heron's loyal fan base will be happy to know that he's still puttin' it down.  His forthcoming 'I'm New Here' will be released in the UK on February 8th, and the 9th in the US. The new single 'Me And The Devil' is out February 22nd, but see the video here...

Photo courtesy: Mischa Richter

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Brief Encounter... did he? Diddy? Oh, no he didn't!

'I thought I told you that we won't stop?' Hip-hop mogul, Sean Diddy Combs and his Bad Boy movement marches to that creed, but next month he's gonna stop at a magazine stand near you for a 'Brief Encounter.' For it's February issue American Vogue has paired Diddy up with supermodel, Natalia Vodianova for a rendezvous at the train station, and let's just say the chemistry nearly derailed the train! Image maker Annie Leibovitz was at the helm of the steamy campaign, and served up a bit of nostalgic romance.






This campaign personifies the undeniable force of hip-hop. In the words of Diddy, 'take that.'