Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Single Man

I recently has the pleasure of seeing Tom Ford's directorial debut, A Single Man, which was a meditation of sorts on loss. The film, followed Colin Firth's brilliant portrayal of a gay college professor who loses his lover in a car accident. The film is stunningly photographed, with every frame of film looking like a portrait. The film is based on the novel by Christopher Isherwood.

Seeing the film made me remember my excitement when I heard that the visionary Ford was leaving Gucci to establish his own brand. Below are some of the photos from Tom Ford's inaugural campaign shot by photographer, Marilyn MInter.

Below is a film by Marilyn Minter called, Green Pink Caviar.

"I was shooting stills of models with long tongues swirling and sucking bakery products from under a pane of glass. I wanted to make enamel paintings along the idea of painting with my tongue. My makeup artist shot some short videos just to see how it would look. The low definition videos looked so good that later we made plans to do a professional high definition video. I have made both billboards and produced a commercial advertising a 1989 painting show so this made sense as a next step.Green Pink Caviar seems to have a life of its own." 

                                                                                        - Marilyn Minter


  1. I will definitely see the Ford Film; please post when it hits the theaters. The Minter short has great aesthetic quality but the piece as a whole just wierds me out. Love the stills, especially the pant legs with liquid splattered, major texture & detail in there without even trying.

  2. Thanks for the comment... the film is in theaters now, but it's not a big release.