Saturday, January 30, 2010

Life is good, but living is better!

Ladies, imagine this... after a long day at the office it's finally quitting time. You get in the car  and back up what your momma gave you into the arms of your plush leather seats.  Ever so gently the seat cradles you, soothing your body... this will have to do for now. You were killing 'em in the office today, but now your feet are hurting, and the Christian Louboutins are coming off...

As you pull form the garage and cruise down the boulevard, you turn on the radio and Robin Thicke sings this...

Your mind begins to entertain... Sex Therapy, oh how good it would be? That's when-- SCREEEEECH! Your car skids to a halt... a little boy dashes into the street in pursuit of his basketball. You stop just in time as you sit there with your heart pounding feverishly.  Now it seems that all of the tension of the day has come rushing back on you.

Home at last... you slide your key into the lock, turning the key feels like a chore. Suddenly, you push the door open, and you stop dead in your tracks-- suspended animation as your jaw drops and your hands go limp... then your Louboutins slide from your fingers crashing to the Brazilian Cherry wood floor.

A trail of red rose petals lead you into your sumptuous marble bathroom where you're greeted by the warm glow emanating from an array of candles that huddle around your oversized tub. As you look around, you notice the mirror wearing a thin coating of steam with a lipstick inscription that reads, 'welcome home my love-- take off all your clothes and indulge, I'll be there shortly.' Your womanly instincts are now shot to hell as anticipation takes over. You undo the belt to your cashmere Diane von Fürstenberg wrap dress that caresses your body.

In the tub, it feels ravishing as the heat begins to penetrate your tension. As you close your eyes and sink into the heavenly warmth, entreating yourself to the light touch of lavender that wafts through the air, his strong hands enter... gently exploring your beckoning body. Slowly you open your eyes, watching the ripples in the water usher the tension from your body. He then takes a loofah sponge and dips it into the water, filling the sponge with the warm liquid. Gently, he squeezes... the refreshing cascade of wetness explores your body; the sponge follows as he attentively bathes you from head to toe. You wanna keep it right there right? Sorry, there's more on the menu...

Next, he takes your hand and leads you from the tub as the water reluctantly releases your angelic body. He then turns you around... your ass facing him, and your body begins to shiver slightly. Then he envelopes you with the warmth of a plush Egyptian cotton towel fresh from the warmer... ahhhhh!

He escorts you into the bedroom, and says 'put this on, we're going out.' There on the bed is a box, and inside you find this...

It's the SLVR Scarf Jacket from Adidas... that's right Adidas! The billowy top is crafted in 51% wool and 49% acrylic, and features a drawcord for an adjustable waist. This ladies is my new feature I call, 'Saturday Steal', here you will find pieces at great prices that are worthy of the First Street seal of approval.

Now ladies, when I saw this it inspired the scenario above, so imagine if he sees you with it on? Now if there is no 'he', then put it on anyway... maybe I'll see you! Remember is good, living is better!


  1. The Original Shugah Britches!January 30, 2010 at 11:57 AM

    Wow! You have a wonderful way of drawing in the reader and making our emotions and body respond to the words we're reading. That there is a special gift, my friend! Outstanding! Ooh wee! Do I hear bath water running?? LOL.

  2. Very creative post...when in the novel coming? We need some serious black love on the scene. The ending was funny, well done. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Wonderfully spoken! I can definitely relate to the first part of the story...and someday the middle part of the story, but for now..I'll just be on the lookout for the SLVR Scarf Jacket. Very cute! Oh yeah, I agree with the previous commenter..when, is the novel coming out?!

  4. Oh my! This definitely left me wanting more and in agreement with the previous commenters......when should I look out for the novel??? I'm officially a follower!