Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Gilbert Arenas: Has he had an epiphany?


As a former perennial season ticket holder for the Washington Wizards, I could sit here and lament over the  emotional highs and lows, but I'm free now. However, the Wizards are one of the few home teams that I actually route for, but my son Andre really has it bad. He is a die-hard Wizard's fan, and he likens Gilbert Arenas to the second coming. Needless to say, the now infamous Gilbert Arenas debacle even has him in a tizzy. However, I will say that Andre's allegiance to Arenas has taught a thing or two about loyalty.

I'm more of the mindset that Gilbert should know better, and he's a role model whether he chooses to be or not. There are literally thousands of NBA hopefuls that would "take a bullet" for the opportunity that Arenas has jeopardized, and this is what he has to realize.

Gilbert recently sat down to bare his soul with the good folks at Esquire Magazine, and if that interview is any indication... he's quickly approaching the epiphany. The story will appear in the April issue. Click here for more.

Image: Nathaniel Butler/ Getty
Esquire Magazine


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  1. Great article... And Im keeping my hopes alive for next year, it looks like our young guys (especially Blatche) are starting to step up. Hopefully we can build off of that next year with my man Gilbert in the starting line up!!!!