Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This little piggy...

We've all heard stories of the pros and cons of eating pork, well at MIO restaurant, which features an array of urban Latin American cuisine of metropolises like Mexico City, Lima, and San Juan to name a few, the other white meat is a staple. My good friend and business associate, Manuel Iguina, is the proprietor, and most gracious host of the establishment. Earlier this week Manuel gave my good friend Derrick and I an up close and personal look at a whole pig that was prepared for an event that evening.

Now whether you eat pork or not, I think we can all agree that this is one of the many facets of the good life. There's nothing better that sitting down in a nice establishment to dine, and unwind with friends, or business associates. MIO's is one of my "go to" spots for a nice meal or an even better atmosphere; after all, life is good, but living is better! In the picture that follows, Robert Quarles, one of the chefs at MIO, stands at the ready to carve up the pig. 

MIO is open daily for lunch and dinner, and weekend dining on Saturdays. For more information call (202) 955-0075, or click here.

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