Friday, February 5, 2010

A respite from the blizzard of 2010...


Well folks, as I sit here punching the keys to speak my piece, periodically I peer from the window of my dwelling place as God sprinkles his majesty on us in the form of an abundance of glorious snowflakes. The beauty is unmistakable, but it also makes me long for spring when I can feel the tug of a fish on the end of my line... or seeing a beautiful sister stroll the boulevard as my internal metronome tries to keep pace with the hypnotic shift of the sundress that envelops her beauty.

That's when... like an oasis in a sweltering desert, she appears telling me everything is going to be okay. She comes without fail every year about this time (mid February). Oh, pardon me for being rude. The gentlemanly thing to do would be to introduce you, let you know who she is. She is Sports Illustrated. Now ladies, this may not resonate with you, but fellas... holla if you hear me!

Still in the dark, follow this equation: mid-February + Sports Illustrated = Swimsuit Issue... in the words of my pastor, 'amen goes right there.' Like clockwork, when we see the beautiful women that grace Sports Illustrated's swimsuit issue rise from the pages like flowering tulips... they signal spring. Now, here's a sneak peek at swimsuit life...

Now, don't you agree that life is good, but living is better? Execs at Sports Illustrated have been strategically showing their hand by leaking out pics to give readers a taste of whats to come, and it seems that this year they have a thing for Brooklyn this year. It seems that Jessica White (see below) and Damaris Lewis (above right), both hail from Brooklyn. In addition, there is Brooklyn Decker who was featured in the video preview.

On February 8th the cover model will be revealed on the David Letterman show, so stay tuned!


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