Thursday, January 13, 2011

Young boy swag...

it's thursday evening, yet I'm easy like a Sunday morning
I been like this since the day that I was born, and...
I'm double-breasted like them girls in Hustler
got my heat concealed in my sleeve 'in case I can't trust ya
now that we have an understanding... 
about this flick
today's the day we takin' school pics,
so my classmates dressed up, but me-- 
I dressed down
got  my cords from last season,
and some Bespoke brogues from Italy
it's just something about this fashion
even when dressing down, I do it impeccably
See, I get it in on the regular
I'm the dude who taught Dougie how to Dougie
...fresh like Pillsbury, to make me you knead the dough
Ralph Lauren tried to book me before he had the Beckford boy,
but I had to tell 'em, "no"

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