Saturday, January 8, 2011

Young boy swag...

wus good ma?
it's the young phenom, back like I never left
old timers say, "how he get so saucy and still got milk on his breath,"
my daycare toddlergram said he's too young
to be kitted out
they say I gave the other kids complexes
so now I'm stuck in time out
I'm just doing what I does
I'm nice wit' it and I thought you knew it
my steez is so easy,
but I doubt if a caveman can do it
my walk-in is full,
so I rotate kits with the seasons
my habit's like a Bush grown deficit
this here is grounds for treason
got me a goose on layaway because I can feel it in the air
when I walk into sunday school
I even make the bishop's wife stare

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