Saturday, December 4, 2010


so my boss asked me if I was flexible...
are you serious?
this is my 9 to 5 dude
flexibility is the glue that keeps me here
see 9's & 5's are boxes in which I don't fit,
so let me tell you a lil something 'bout this flexibility shit
peep my body
I'd say I'm built for this
wonderfully made, I adapt to stress
I often strike a pose
keeps that thing off my chest
this is some of what I do,
but not all of what I'm into
it's merely the surface
you're yet to touch the mental
the "flex" flows through my veins
keeps the ancestors near
had it not been for the flex
the race might have disappeared
see when my people were hungry
you gave 'em scraps
and because of the flex
 we had to be novel and adapt..
see flex begets food for the soul
hence, you got soul food
so the next time you're hungry, and don't know what to order
don't you think a lil flexibility would be in order?

image: madeincharlie
poetry: Michael L. Joyner