Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Vintage Chop-up...

here... the bread was broken
then prime jewels spoken
they came in the form of pearls & nuggets
the stuff that anchors dynasties...
I'm talking Black Wall Street and Rosewood
a vintage chop-up hailed by the masses
African Americans socializing in their rightful classes
back then life was good, 
and living was better
whole townships were caked wit' the cheddar
the haters couldn't fathom us
had to get at us...
'cause we circulated the dollar amongst our own
guess you could call it homegrown
see, they swiped at our trunks,
but couldn't take us out
'cause our roots ran deep and the blood had clout
so we' coming back like we never left
lettin' crabs out the barrel
puttin' the smash on Willie's lynch
for real... this things a cinch
I mean, look at the flick
do tell... I'd say we're built for this shit
it runs through our veins
like royal life fluid
we kind'a like them cats at nike
we just do it...

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