Monday, December 27, 2010

Young boy swag

still in pre-k, but got all eyes on me 
like 'Pac
got 'em blogging & tumblin' for my next kit
big boys tryin' to graduate to my sartorial level
I've already lettered twice, B... even nice when I'm disheveled
this here swag is sport to me...
just something I do
while my contemporaries muse on a, b, c's...
I got publishers sweatin' me for an anthology on my steez
you think it's a joke?
check my hat game...
brim broke down like a '72 Pinto... insane
and peep the bow-tie, self-tied is my variety
ya'll still sportin' clip-ons in this microwave society
now, if you can handle truth let's make it black & white
I stand tall in my saddles,
even when I'm sittin' tight

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