Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Young boy swag

I got that embryonic steez, kind'a like a Sunday morning breeze 
my herringbone car coat levitates to kiss the friendly skies
Gob blessed me cause I'm that child who's got his own
this flow is in my blood, but I ponder why. 
my pops is like, Tom... peeping in my window 
wondering how his firstborn stay so fly
I'd blog about it if I knew, but tell me... did ya'll peep the patination 
on the leather of my shoe???
I'm so sick wit' it' like cholera in Haiti
spreading to the masses,  they sittin' in wait hoping 
the "boy wonder" passes... them by...   
it's not fair, and I'm consumed with guilt
not even 4 years old and my swags on tilt
rockin' shorts in the fall, nonchalant ashe about my knees,
but still crispy, make my teacher say, "child please...."

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