Sunday, November 28, 2010

Aston Martin One-77: The Christmas covet

close your mouth 'cause I know yo' mama taught you better
I'm like that super-model... you're never gonna get her
my bloodline is laced wit' the dna that creates dynasties
I hug the blacktop like mama does her newborn
although I'm next in the lineage, they treat me like the firstborn

I got more curves than Kim (not the "little"one, I'm talking 'bout the one Ray J knows )
you're probably feelin' your perve' potential rising right now
but keep ya' head up
you're not the only one
popes, soccer moms and Atlanta Housewives wanna ride me
I make even the most content covetous you see?
I inspire new perspectives
have you seen my rear?
even the straight-laced wanna hit me from back here
but think twice cause it gives the little green ass gekko fits
cause if somebody touch me, who you think can afford this insurance s#@t!!!
so proceed with caution if you've got me on your list
cause I'm not sure you're ready for a ride like this?
I'm the noisy type, a sound you probably never heard before
dame that little pussy purr, I got that big cat roar
if you're feelin' a bit moist don't even sweat it it's only natural
pull up wit' me, and I promise you'll have 'em all trying to get at you
when I come you'll say, "this must be heaven?"
but no... it's the stuff of legend, the Aston Martin One-77.

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