Monday, October 4, 2010

The Art of DE... Adrien Sauvage


At the ripe age of 27, Adrien Sauvage has become a force for reckoning on London's fashion scene. Once a formidable foe on English hardwood, Sauvage unlaced his sneakers at 19 to lace others with style. The young visionary stylist has teamed with debonair English radio and TV presenter George Lamb to form a unique brand that dwells on the outer boundaries of fashion's traditional structure. The first collection titled, "This is Not a Suit," is a harmonious gumbo of modern proportions and styling seasoned with a dash of Savile Row's fabric staples. This is evidenced with the surprising pairing of Prince of Wales plaid with baby corduroy. Sauvage has been promoting the line with photography that can be seen on his website, Witness some looks from the collection after the click.

Sauvage has also applied his styling to the world of cinema for a dynamic experimental film titled The Art of DE. This exclusive sneak peek was featured on Nowness.   










Clothing for good living!         


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