Thursday, September 2, 2010

'Ties That Bind(less)' is simply more

Men's neckwear will never be the same, again.  Ties That Bind(less), an exhibition of vintage, 20th century Italian men's neckwear is, currently on display at NOA Gallery, in Washington, DC.  It will run until September 11th, and will be open during the week from Wednesday through Friday from 6:00pm to 9:00pm at NOA Gallery, 132 Rhode Island Avenue, NW in Washington, DC.

The TIES exhibit opened on Saturday and is the impassioned off-spring of it's curator, Michael Joyner of First Street Style.  Partnering with him on the art direction and display of the exhibit is Mike Little, owner of NOA (New, Old, Abstract) Gallery. For these two accomplished gentleman of art, design and the creative, their vision for the exhibit was rooted in a shared desire for excellence of presentation.  The mission has been accomplished, and with style.

As you move through the gallery, while gazing upon these bands of fine Italian craftsmanship, the ties boldly present themselves with, 'can you handle me?' and a little bit of, 'do you know what well dressed really is?' and even still, 'so what are you going to do?'  Obviously, you might expect these probing insights from the bold prints and brazen stripes, on broadly cut fabrics.  Yet the seemingly quiet, mono toned and the more narrowly defined silks probe ever more deeply with a simple and transcendent, 'now what?'

These questions, when answered well, perhaps make way to a greater view that Joyner has regarding men's style, encompassing much more than cloths. These questions, of course, embrace a broader view of lifestyle and the fullness of living well or as his blog, First Street Style, is known to echo, ' is good, but living is better'.

Reflecting upon the how of it, Ties revels greatly from the gifted hands of gallery owner Little, himself a designer and craftsman.  Very early in the planning stages he visualized these silken adornments as textiles.  As such, the display combines the rich elements of design, and sculpture in a manner reminiscent of twentieth century, industrial swagger meets renaissance splendor.  As envisaged, the ties and scarves like fine, imported textiles, are dramatically draped over pristine, deftly positioned wooden dowels, and are elegantly arrayed to beckon the discerning eye, while gently persuading any lukewarm curiosities into a closer, longer, second glance.     

If you have not, as of yet, visited Ties That Bind (less), then the opportunity remains for you to come and rediscover something extraordinary about yourself.  When you find it, by all means, possess it.  These ties and scarves are for sale, too.

Written by Seth Washington

See photos from the exhibition after the click. 

Michael Joyner sharing insight on the exhibit

Becky Mungo chats with exhibition curator, Michael Joyner

Seth Washington and Image Granted blogger Grant Harris

Derrick Cooper, Michael Little and Michael Joyner

Images courtesy of Gregory Johns

Guest blogger, Seth Washington is a local writer and spoken word artist who has performed at various venues on the East Coast, including our very own 'Poetry, Izms, and Other Ish That's Cool Like Dat.'

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